Raices de mi pueblo hostel house of the Sánchez family, people enjoy a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

Raices de mi pueblo is located in suchitoto from San Salvador is approximately 45 km away, 50 minutes away.

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Raices de mi pueblo of my town is an ideal place to learn about the culture of El Salvador and Suchitoto, our clients love the house for being a place that transmits trust, harmony and joy.

If you dont speak spanish dont worry.
Two countries one culture. we have Wendy one of the members of the family she is always there to help you.


Contamos con 8 habitaciones, terrazas con hamacas y wifi.
Además se incluye un desayuno típico.

Extra Activities

Cooking lessons the family Sanchez teaches you how to learn and cook the typical salvadoreña food such as Pupusas, enchiladas, pastelitos and Empanadas. You cant miss this activite. Lets cook salvadoran food.

¡All every is welcome!

Atractivos turísticos en Suchitoto

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cuando vengas a Suchitoto.


Conoce nuestro pueblo, nuestra cultura y nuestra historia.

cliente hostal raices de mi pueblo

Raquel, EEUU.

"The architecture of the house is very interesting it is set on a hill and was added onto as there was Need so there are lots of different levels there is a lovely, large upper level overloolcing a gorgeous view meals are server un this level and there are also several hammacks perfect for relaxing. The various level make it Easily to have as much privacity as you want but the Sánchez family is always happy to visit with you if you want to do that i like how it is removed from the center of town yet only a 10 minutes walk away from the plaza."

cliente hostal raices de mi pueblo

Cleo López Salazar, El Salvador.

"Por la excelente atención y la comodidad que el lugar ofrece, recomiendo este lugar! sin duda alguna una muy buena opción para visitar Suchitoto!"

cliente hostal raices de mi pueblo

Vladimir Blanco, El Salvador.

"Acojedor, familiar, excelente atención de la anfitriona, cerca del museo Alejando Cotto. El amanecer desde la terraza, espectacular. Recomendado."

cliente hostal raices de mi pueblo

Luis Escobar, Nueva York.

"Tranquilidad y buena comida, habitaciones tranquilas, espaciosas y privadas, ideal para mochileros."

cliente hostal raices de mi pueblo

Carsten Kreis, Alemán.

"I stayed for 1 month. Normally. First, the Sanchez family is very friendly and attentive. I chose the homestay with 3 meals a day. The food is tasty, there is plenty of it, and the coffee makes appearances in my dreams! If your Spanish is not very good (as was the case with me), don't worry, Wendy speaks English fluently and jumps to your aid whenever you need it. If you are in Suchitoto to learn Spanish and want to learn more about the culture and history, I would like to encourage you to seek conversations with members of the Sanchez family."


Tenemos a la venta productos de emprendedores locales como artesanía, café de altura y camisas con diseños de Suchitoto.
Mira nuestros souvenirs y llévate algo hermoso de nuestro pueblo.


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